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ONI - The Last Winter Edition #1 of 1

$300.00 / Sold Out

This large ONI demon mug was designed especially for Bell & Iron Tattoo studio in Oakland, CA. The head is about the size of a large honeydew.
This is The Last Winter Edition, depicting an Oni warrior after a final battle. Older, ashen, and wounded. Meticulous hand-detailing was added to this unique art piece. Labelled #1/1. This was intended as an edition of 3, but limited time has made it difficult to do all three. Note, there may be an artist's proof made in the future, but that will be for my own collection.

This mug design will be limited to 75 or less. Most likely less.

Shipping is a flat estimate. Any over payment will be refunded when your mug is shipped. I only charge you for Priority Mail with tracking and insurance. I want your mug to get to you safely.